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The centre is a bilingual, and learning are offered in both languages French and English.


Global childcare Centre is owned and operated by a group of professionals with more than ten years experiences in the Childhood field. The executive Director in place is a holder of a three years diploma in Childhood education, the equivalent of a Level III advanced.


The Philosophy for all three programs at the Global Daycare Centre is “Learning through play and fun”, generating a positive impact on the four stages of child development (moral, social-emotional, physical and intellectual) by providing different activities to facilitate the “Learning through play and fun” motto.

These are different centers
  1. Gross and fine motor
  2. House centre and art
  3. Language
  4. Circle time
  5. Music and free play

Educators will provide consistence and nurturing in care on daily activities. Daily, weekly and monthly themes will be followed by an evaluation to ensure that the needs of the children are being met. Constant monitoring of each other will provide the frame- work of accountability. The Global childcare centre provide learning environment that consist in continuing to foster all stage development.


We at Global childcare centre envision the thriving of children and families. We act as shock absorber for unilingual French speaking children, in offering a transition with a French language based daycare centre, while exposing unilingual English speaking children to French, thus enabling them to learn French language and become bilingual. We nature, educate, and support children and their families to achieve their potential. The Global child care centre will be for your children “home away from home”.


For 19 months- 5 years old:
Effective child guidance begins long before problems start, by reducing opportunities for problem behaviors before they begin by focusing children away from potential problems. The Global child care policy is to maintain and promote an atmosphere whereby children can interact positively with Educators and each other. Child’s positive behavior is essential to the centre’s operation; therefore, it’s the centre’s policy to positively reward and encourage the existence and continuation of good behavior. Verbal praise and discussions will be used to maintain it in the centre.

For 6 years – 12 years old:
The goals of the 6 - 12 years old child guidance policy are as follow:
  • To encourage an uninterrupted two way communication between the centre’s staff and the children’s families;
  • To create opportunities and environment allowing children to enhance their self esteem;
  • To support children as they develop progressive self control;
  • To encourage positive social interactions with others;
  • To help children develop an awareness of socially acceptable behaviors. Staff will create a climate or environment in which children feel respected, accepted and safe.

This will be met by the following:

  1. Staff establish rules and explain why certain behaviors are inappropriate.
  2. Staff develop positive expectations.
  3. Staff acknowledge positive, appropriate behavior with verbal and non-verbal reinforcements.
  4. Staff model appropriate behavior to set an example for children.
  5. Staff show and encourage problem solving and give choices. Staff ensure that reasonable, logical consequences may include redirection, withdrawal of relevant privileges or time away from others determined by the child, and/or the staff
  6. The centre environment will be set up very carefully to eliminate many potential problems: high traffic area will not be obstructed or crowded by equipment. If our observations indicate a number of children using a space poorly it will be rearranged.


We offer:
Arts Crafts, Science Experiences, Manipulative Play, Dramatic Play, Field Trips, Extended Outdoor Play, Gym Time, Story Time, Spacious Rooms, 2 nutritious snacks and hot lunch

We take children aged between:

0 Months to 12 years old
Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kinders
& Out of School care
Clean & Bright Rooms
Small Intimate Groupings
Planned, semi-structured, age
Appropriate programs
Lots of Toys & Equipment
Large Outdoor Playground
Qualified Teachers in Early
Homework Support

Our children are grouped as follow:
  • 0 months to 18 months old in the same room.
  • 19 months to 3 years old in the same room.
  • 3 years to 5 years (Kinders/ Preschoolers) in the same room.
  • Out of school care children in the same room.
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